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Marking Genius MG3 Thermal Printer AUD $3500.00

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Markingenius® MG3 is a high resolution printer based on thermal transfer technology, capable of producing tags for cables, pipes and tubes; terminal block markers and legends and labels for all electrical panels, components and equipment. All Cembre MG media can be printed with monocolour Windows True Type fonts at high speed.

Markingenius® MG3 will also reproduce Clipart images, drawings, barcodes and bitmaps down to very small sizes.

Compact, ergonomic, clean and quiet Markingenius® MG3 may be conveniently located in an office, like any other computer peripheral.

Each monochrome ribbon can print more than 300.000 MG-TPMF 4x10 mm cable tags with full printable surface coverage. Carriage loading and unloading operations are rapid; support templates are easily interchanged and as the pigment deposited from the ribbon dries instantaneously, printed sheets are immediately ready to use.



serialFLAT cable tags for holder MG-TPMF
serialFLAT cable tags for holder MG-TPM
cable tag, one-piece MG-TDM
cable tag, one-piece MG2TDMO
serialFLAT cable and conduit tags tie-on MG-ETF
Cable markers, wraparound, self adhesive MG-KMP
Terminal block marker, push in MG-CPM
serialFLAT terminal marker strips MG-CPMF
serialFLAT terminal marker brackets MG-STF
Terminal marker labels, self adhesive MG-VYB
Cable and component legends MG-TAP
Cable and component legends MG-TAPW
Cable and component legends MG-TAR
Dog tag MG-DOG
Component legends, self adhesive MG-TAA
Component label, self adhesive MG-VYT, MG-VCT
Component label, self adhesive MG-PYT
Security label MG-SAT
Push button legends MG-PTS
PLC Legends MG-PLC
Modular components legends and labels MG-17.5
Panel marker plates, pre-drilled MG-VRT-R, MG2-VRT
Panel marker plates, self adhesive MG-VRT-A
Panel signs and legends MG-SIGNS