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63070 - PMF-ET Transparent Holders for serieFLAT cable tags 4 mm x 30mm

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PMF-ET sleeves are specifically designed for longitudinal mounting on cables, hoses, tubes and conduit.


Systems Rolly 2000, Marking Genius 3
Quantity 1000
Max. Tie Width 6mm


Plasticised PVC, self extinguishing to class V0: UL 94, free of Cadmium, Lead, Silicon and Teflon. Resistant to alkali, alcohol, acid and many solvents.

The printed tag in its holder is perfectly protected against degradation by chemical and environmental agents over time.

Operating temperature range

- 40°C to + 80°C
- 40°F to + 176°F

Ask for sleeves in other lengths.

Use PMF-ET holders only with designated cable tags of the same length.

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