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Renowned for its cable and wire marking, printers, tags, ferrules and accessories as well as cordless hydraulic crimping tools such as the B 15D, General Marking offers a number of innovative solutions to meet demands for high performance and reliability in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. The 9.6V cordless B 15D hydraulic crimping tool from Cembre can be operated with one hand and has a head rotation of 340° for ease of operation in confined spaces. It is fitted with a maximum pressure valve and is also extremely quiet with minimal vibration.
Identification and labelling systems available include thermal transfer printers such as the MARKINGenius®MG2 and ROLLY2000.
MARKINGenius®MG2 is a high-speed desktop printer using thermal transfer technology to produce identification and labelling media for cables and tubing and equipment of all types. It is Windows® based and prints mono-colour True Type fonts, while also reproducing Clipart images, drawings and bitmaps down to very small dimensions.
ROLLY2000 is designed for high speed printing of identification and labelling media in reel format, which can print 1000 cable tags in less than two minutes.
For portable solutions, the MK 2500 4mm wide, length to suit application, tag printer is ideal for the electrical market.
Also available are infra-red cameras to detect hotspots in electrical switchboards as well as distance meters.
 Stainless steel and other switchboard labels